Sunday, 31 January 2010

Extra Early Sunday Morning

The choice today was either 6:45 am start for 10 miles with Kenny or 7:30 start for something a bit faster are probably at least as far with Simon and Lee.

I went to bed undecided and still contemplating a 7am solo effort instead.

As it happens I woke early and so decided on the Kenny option...

However, got to the Amble Inn twenty seconds late. No sign of Kenny! But he wouldn't have waited as I hadn't confirmed I'd be coming. Had a good look round for runners disappearing into the distance but none to be seen. Decisions, decisions. Started to slowly head back up Station Road and lo and behold there was tango man thundering down the hill.

If I'd been on my own I would have headed towards Wheathampstead. However, Kenny said something about heading the other way and going up "The Hill" - we headed north.

The sky was clear so while being cold it was nowhere near as dark as Friday morning. In company The Hill was far less foreboding and we summitted with ease. Down the other side I felt compelled to demonstrate my uber fast downhill running technique employed to great effect in last Sunday's race.

From there we took my standard route through Kingsbourne Green past Expensive Christmas Tree Farm but instead of hanging a left onto Roundwood Lane headed down to the golf course following the Herts 10K route in reverse all the way back to Rothamsted Park.

Kenny was master of the mileage and knew how to make the round trip back to his house bang on ten miles. However, having done nothing except eat on Saturday I felt the need to carry on a bit further and threw in a 3 mile loop taking me into half-marathon territory.

Not a particularly fast run but 8:34 average isn't that bad given the bumpy profile.

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