Saturday, 9 January 2010

Snow deer?

More snow. More wardrobe malfunctions.

It all started off OK. Well except for Kenny's ridiculous route to Ayres End Lane. But other than that everything seemed quite normal, perhaps a bit too normal, as we made our way over to Heartwood Forest. It wasn't until we got to our final wooded section, Langley Wood, that it started to go wrong.

First there was the bench. Nice touch - gave Niall and me somewhere comfortable to sit while we were waiting for Mr Mega Miles.

And them there was the deer. No - not real. Made out of twigs and stuff. Very clever. Worth a photograph? Yes. Worth getting your kit off for? Hmm - pass.

And finally there was the question of what to do with Kenny's clothes? Luckily throwing has never been one of my strong points. Otherwise they'd still be up that tree.

Twelve miles. Lots of snow. Great scenery. One nutter.

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