Thursday, 28 January 2010

Back To The Rockets

Thanks to latrine congestion I was late getting to the Rockets meet point. Instead of arriving thirty seconds early I was thirty seconds late which given the speed of their "warm-up" is quite a gap to have to close. Luckily delays crossing City Road worked in my favour and gave the opportunity to catch.

With the Southern Counties cross-country this weekend elites were in in short supply. And of those present only one did the full session. After the usual mutterings the session was called as eight two-minute reps off a minute's recovery.

The session was quite unusual. With the elite(s) taking it easy and jogging back after each effort we ran the reps as a single group. The short fast efforts were a welcome shock to the system after the last three days of little effort. So that's it. Recovery over. Back to training...

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