Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year

Given it was minus one with a wind chill at 8am this morning it was impressive to see five runners ready and waiting as I stumbled out of the door.

Niall's plan was for a 13 miler out to Brocket Hall via the Ayot Greenway and back by way of Swan Walk. However, in no time we were running up through Mackerye End, Gustard Wood and five miles in found ourselves skirting Ayot St Lawrence. By the time we eventually hit the Greenway seven miles had been covered so Brocket Hall wasn't going to happen.

On the way back I made a bad call to go right on Down Green Lane which meant we ended up running a short section of the Wheathampstead Road. We should have gone left and picked up the footpath round the golf course. I felt bad but thankfully the guys didn't make a big issue of it. I wont make that mistake again.

My Wheathampstead Road transgression aside, the route was undoubtedly a good'un what with being almost entirely off-road and both Niall and me bagging new footpaths. I hope Darren, our guest runner today, doesn't expect such greatness every week.

So million dollar question is will Kenny be downloading the route to his watch and running it tomorrow?

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