Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Tuesday chat

Had planned on intervals today. However, Niall suggested tempo instead so I happily switched.

Given the choice of heading east or west (sounds like something from The Wizard of Oz) west was selected and that was the full extent of our route planning.

Heading along Victoria Embankment I was thinking of striking out for Lambeth or Vauxhall Bridge. However, Niall requested "the parks" so after an unorthodox diversion round Parliament Square (sorry - don't know what I was thinking) we found ourselves in familiar Hare and Hounds territory.

The pace turned out to be more steady, just about talkable, hard, rather than full on tempo. Naturally I blame Niall for holding me back while no doubt Niall will blame me.

I stupidly forgot to start my watch so I'm guessing I did about 7.8 miles (Gmaps Pedometer worked it out at 8 miles but I know we cut quite a few corners) in about 56 minutes. Taking account of slowing for steps and crossing roads I'd say we were probably pumping out steady 7 minute miles.

Snow dump is forecast for tomorrow so may have to move planned rest day back to Thursday. I mean only a fool would pass on the opportunity to run on fresh snow...

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