Friday, 8 January 2010

City - Wharf - City

Having bumped into a thankfully fully clothed Niall on the way to work we arranged to meet at Honour God Arch at 12 midday for a run east. Unfortunately by then his wardrobe malfunction fetish had returned and I found him waiting for me (sorry about that) minus gloves and long bottoms. Shorts are fine on warm days. I'm not so sure they are the best choice when the temperature is bang on zero.

It was good to see the pavements in the City had been gritted and without Martin to divert us we made to make good time to St Katherine Dock. However, it was a different story on the Wapping canal-side paths. But it takes more than a spot of compacted snow and ice to put off the City of London chapter of Running Fource (wot - no Simon?).

Keen to ratchet up new routes for the man in shorts we pushed on as far as Canary Wharf (3.5 miles) before turning. Speed on the way back increased the closer we got to home. This was part due to improved grip underfoot and part due to the temperature dropping. By the time I reached the gym snow had begun to fall although it had stopped when I left again 10 minutes later.

As you would expect, given today's conditions, our pace was on the easy side. However, we did manage to get in a couple of short bursts of speed when passing under bridges.

So what we need for the weekend is a route that involves running under as many bridges and through as many tunnels as possible - shouldn't be too difficult to arrange...

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