Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Swan Song

Today was Niall's last session with the Rockets. In recognition of his contribution to the running group he was given the honour of leading the first of our six 4-minute reps. I would have gone for throwing him in the canal...

Chris and Josef from work said they would come along to the training session. However, I met them going into the changing rooms just as I was leaving for the off (no I didn't wait) and they only just made it up to the canal in time for the first rep. Schoolboy error number two was neither had a watch. Hard to believe these guys have actually been running for years.

Sarah was there too so Niall asked if she knew about showers in the Gherkin for Simon. Her reply was in the negative, although expressed in rather more colourful language and definitively not reproducible here.

With the Fred Hughes 10 on Sunday there was no point killing myself and was happy to run at 95% effort. Steve was jubilant to finish the set ahead of me. Oh well, if I've made someone happy today that's no bad thing.

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