Sunday, 8 August 2010

Sunday Plod

I wasn't feeling great on Saturday and ended up missing Sunday morning's 7:15 am anniversary run. Instead I headed out mid afternoon for a meander out east. The initial plan was to put in an 8-mile effort taking in Wheathampstead, Gustard Wood and Sauncey Wood. However, I took a wrong turn in Wheathampstead (go figure - it's not as if I've never been there before) and before I knew it was Coleman Green bound.

Not wanting to do the full monty round Brocket Hall golf course I cut back from Cromer Hyde Lane on a new and not particularly great footpath and made my way home via Swan Walk with a quick Marshalls Heath detour thrown in for good measure.

Pace was reassuringly slow - I doubt Kenny would have got out of breath. However, it was the culmination of another 40 mile week (41 miles last week, 38 the week before) so I don't bad.