Wednesday, 6 January 2010

More snow, less clothes

This must be the first run I have done that started by standing on someone's doorstep while their running bottoms were posted out of the letterbox. I mean leaving home without say your key or gloves is understandable. But forgetting your trousers!!!

Anyway, wardrobe malfunction aside, today it snowed. Well actually it started during the night so by morning the carpet was some four inches deep. With more snow forecast for later in the day only a demented masochist would risk trusting First Crapital Disconnect to get them to London and back.

Met up with he who forgot his trousers (hwfht) at 2pm just as the snow started to dump down again. With little wind it didn't feel too cold and the trails were fine under foot.

During our seven-mile jaunt we managed to include a few paths hwfht hadn't run before which is always good. Although not a good as shaking a tree just after you've run past it so the person behind gets the instant snowman treatment! Childish? Yeah whatever.


  1. Hope I can manage a run with you over the next few days. IWNFMT.

  2. should we call Niall "Donald" from now on, having mislaid his troosers