Monday, 18 January 2010

One Year On...

Today is the anniversary of my first ever run with what has now become known as Harpenden Running Fource.

If I'd know at the time what I was letting myself in for I would have made my polite excuses and given it a miss. The benefit of hindsight...

I would, however, like to say what a great year it's been and how I've enjoyed running with such an inspiring group of like-minded runners. Yes I would like to say that, but can't, as I'd be lying through my teeth!

No, but seriously, I've now come to look on Niall, David, Kenny and Simon as, well I guess, as people I've met that have somehow got my e-mail address and won't leave me alone. A bit like internet spammers but with Lycra and DayGlo jackets instead of Viagra.

So to celebrate this auspicious occasion I went for a run with Niall and Andrew out through Wapping. Well re-enacting the original run to Verulamium Park would have been a bit of a stretch for a lunchtime given it's 20 miles away.

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