Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Back To Rockets

I've been doing plenty of running this year (72 miles to be precise) but no speedwork. So today it was back to Rockets for some New Year punishment. Arrived at the meeting point spot on time (12:34!) to find lots of people, some of whom I even recognised.

Warm-up to the canal was, how should I put it? Brisk. Got dropped a couple of times but managed to just about keep the main pack in sight. Once up there much debate ensued. Too many cooks? If Ian had been there it would have been decided in an instant. Dissent would not have been tolerated.

In the end the session was finally called as 10 minutes out, 2 minutes recovery, then three reps of five minutes, again with 2 minutes recovery, back. Yeah - 10 minutes out and 15 minutes back - go figure!

I did the 10 minutes and two 5-minute reps which not too surprisingly brought us back to the start. The others then decided on two 3-minute reps. However, I was good only for heading home which I did with fellow C runners Steve and Richard plus one of the elites who I'm guessing must have indulged in a touch too much Christmas pudding.

Canal was frozen (except under bridges). Towpath was snow and ice-free. Unusual sighting of the day was the swivel office chair embedded in the ice mid canal. Bad day in the office?

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