Monday, 11 January 2010

Out East With Sean

Sunday's easy five mile run didn't happen. I felt tired and decided extra sleep would be more beneficial than forty odd minutes gallivanting through the sub-zero Hertfordshire countryside. Felt I was kind of letting Running Fource down, however, Simon saved the day and ventured out to the mighty Sommeries Castle (or part thereof) with Darren.

So that makes Monday the new (recovery run) Sunday. Had intended doing the usual Westminster Bridge loop, however, this changed when I bumped into Sean in the gym. Turns out today is the first day of his Brighton Marathon training schedule. It's also his first day's running for a good few weeks thanks to injury and Christmas hols. And what does the schedule say - five miles easy - perfect!

He had been intending to do an easy session on the treadmill (yeah I know - soft southern shandy drinker) but was all too happy to accept my invite to run outside. Of course this led to the usual wardrobe issues (shorts - no running longs) but at least with the temperature hitting the dizzy heights of two degrees (above zero!) it seemed warmer today.

So as we leave the gym I'm about to turn right and head for Westminster when Sean pipes up "so what about these canals you keep telling me about..." No problem. About turn, let's go east...

Down past Shadwell Basin, quick loop of King Edward VII Memorial Park, and back - exactly five miles. More luck than judgement but fine with me.

I let Sean set the pace, which meant going slightly quicker than usual recovery run speed. I think this was mainly due to nervousness on his part as he didn't want to go too slow for me! Ha if only he'd knew - me - I'm all gear no idea!

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