Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Early Bird

I had to go up to Luton to get some new boots for the family run-around fitted this morning. I didn't think it would take long (it did - but that's another story) but still decided to err on the side of caution and get my easy run in first thing rather than wait until lunchtime.

It was lightly snowing when I left the house at 6:45 and there was a welcoming fresh half-inch covering on the ground. However, it was still very dark and the cloud cover made the light seem very flat so decide not to venture too deep into the wilderness.

Instead I headed north on Swan Walk, turning left onto Cooters End Lane. However, having passed under the railway bridge I kept going straight (the road with no name?) instead of bearing left to stay on Cooters End Lane. I tend not to go straight like this as I find he road a bit exposed, bleak and just plain boring. However, all dressed in white it was a world away from the usual experience. House lights twinkled in the distance while the cushioned road made the running feel effort-free. The white glow from the expanse of surrounding fields was almost haunting.

Dropped down through Thrales End and back to civilisation (well the Luton Road). Completing the loop home took the distance to 5.25 miles at a very leisurely 9:52 average pace. That must be my slowest run since... well since I started logging runs (2005).

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