Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Wet Rockets With The No Hope Mob

Thanks to a biting wind it was rather chilly on yesterday's unblogged recovery run. Today was a milder but wet.

Luckily there was a big turnout at Rockets so jacking was not an option. Richard has now firmly established himself as a B runner; however, there was still plenty of company at the back. Today's roll call included Chris and Josef from work, Mr "just in time" Wood and a guy wearing a blue jacket who I didn't recognise.

The session was ten 2-minute reps off a minute recovery. Yes - very similar to last Thursday's session (eight 2-minute reps off a minute recovery) but it's hardly my place to question the pronouncements from the mighty elite.

With the Christmas Mince Pie handicap still very much in place Martin and Chris proved to be poor competition (sorry guys - but I know you can both run faster than me) and so it was down to Mr Blue Jacket to fight it out to finish ahead in each rep. I think I 'won' the first two and last five with my new found foe taking the other three.

It would all have been quite satisfying if it hadn't have been for how much distance those blasted B runners put on us. Last Thursday I was within swearing distance of Richard - today I would have needed a mobile phone.

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  1. sorry missed the session. was running late and did 8 x 2 mins with 1 mins rest myself down by the river.. oh what fun. May see you next week.
    Good Blog!