Thursday, 25 February 2010

One Minute Rocket Blasts

A great benefit of going to Rockets is doing sessions you wouldn't normally consider. Apparently it's the nationals this weekend (presumably different to the Grand National) so there weren't many fast folks out and those that were there wanted a light session. Hence, the call was 10 one-minute reps with 30 seconds recovery and a full minute at the turn.

Well that doesn't sound too bad does it? Unless of course you decide to run with the B pack... Karen was taking it easy (but still faster than me), however, Richard was full on and so I judged my pace off him. He got away from me on a couple of reps (including the all important 10th) but in general I was just about able to hang on.

It was good to see Niall's buddy Andrew Stubbs out today. He was saying how much he likes his new Nike Free running shoes. I don't think they'd work for me but it's great he has found something which is giving his running a real boost.

Of course real men run barefoot...

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