Saturday, 6 February 2010

Solo Saturday

Kenny snubbed my invite/offer to join him so I was left to run all on my lonesome this morning. With nothing planned for the day there was no rush to get out so I didn’t hit the street until just after 9am.

Yesterday’s mild weather fooled me into thinking it would be warm again. Wrong. The mist and light breeze kept the temperature down and heading into the wind it felt quite chilly.

With no particular route in mind I ventured out with the intention of doing about five on-road miles, at recovery pace, while keeping away from hills. Heading up the Luton Road I was minded to turn right, through Thrales End, over the hill, down to East Hyde and back along the carpet tarmac of the Lea Valley Walk. However, I figured that wouldn’t give me five miles and I didn’t fancy the prospect of throwing in a loop over Pickford Hill and around the back of Batford.

So instead I turned left up Ridegwood Drive, I road I’ve not run up before, and as I neared the summit finally formulated a plan for the remainder of the run: Kinsbourne Green, Expensive Christmas Tree Farm Lane, Roundwood Lane and home. On the way back through Harpenden I added a trip through Lydekker Park for good measure.

Just over six miles at a bone shaking average pace of nine minutes per mile. That should have the boys & girls at Rockets quivering in their spiked cross-country running shoes.

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