Tuesday, 23 February 2010

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Following Friday's Hare & Hounds, Saturday's glorious long (16.1 miles), Sunday's itzy bitzy easy 5 and yesterday's rest day I was all geared up for good hard Rockets session today. All was looking good, with Chris intending to come along too, until I was called in for a one on one with my manager at 12 midday. When her manager also joined us making it a two on one I knew Rockets was looking unlikely. I finally left the office at the same time I need to be leaving the gym in order to make it to the Rockets meet point just about on time. Intervals will have to wait until Thursday.

So today's session ended up as a 5-mile tempo. And what an unpleasant experience it was. Driving rain is my least favourite running weather and boy did that rain drive today. Luckily I decided to head east for a loop round Limehouse Basin which meant the wind was generally behind me on the way back (but hideously against me on the way out). So given I got round 6:44 pace I'm not too happy.

Roll on spring.

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