Sunday, 7 February 2010

Go North Young Man

After Saturday's solitary affair I fancied some company today and so sent out an invite for anyone who wanted to join me to be outside The George at 7:15 for a run towards St. Albans. Kenny and Tony replied in the positive and were waiting for me as I headed down the High Street at 7:14 having put in a couple of sneaky early miles.

10 miles was OK with everyone and with no firm route planned the guys were agreeable, if not somewhat bemused, when I suggested heading north for loop round Perpperstock.

St. Albans can wait for another day.

A few minutes into the run I had a mad fumble moment with the Garmin. The watch won and hence the route below starts just before Hollybush Lane.

I don't think the guys were over impressed by the scenery offered by the A1081, however, after three miles we turned left and had the opportunity to run up a wee incline. Kenny immediately noticed my change in form and threatened to tell Niall (Niall? Names sounds familiar but can't quite place him).

At the top we threw in a loop down Half Moon Lane (hmm - so many Transit vans and electricity generators!) before picking up Pepsal End Road for the journey home.

Having been sick the last few weeks, this was Tony's first run of the year and within a few miles I think he was suffering. No complaints. No short cuts. He stuck with us through to the end - a real mind over matter run. Respect.


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