Sunday, 28 February 2010

Too Slow

With a week to go to my half-marathon I've finally consulted a couple of training schedule. The general consensus seems to be that the weekend before the race, rather than going long, the recommended run is a hard 10K. OK with me.

Joy of joys woke up this morning to my least favourite running weather: blowing a gale with driving rain. Immediately switched to plan B - lunchtime run.

11:30am weather check - blowing a gale with driving rain. Plan C...

So finally leave the house at 4pm. Still blowing a gale but at least the rain has subsided. A quick check of the weather beforehand and I know the wind is coming from the north-west. Original idea had been for some sort of Rothamsted Park/Childwickbury loop but given the wind direction quickly hatch an alternative plan to head north up the Luton Road.

Boy it was hard work. The first two miles into the wind (and slightly uphill) were churned out at about 6:50 pace. Turning left onto Kinsbourne Green Lane, which starts with a short section of real uphill, and I’m paying the price for the energetic start.

Mile three was painfully slow (I can’t bring myself type out the split time) after which with the wind and incline in my general favour I was able to regain some lost time.

Anticipated killer stitch kicked in about mile four just as I was coming back into civilisation (well Roundwood). Took the easy option dropping straight down to The Luton Road by which time felt a bit better and so was able to push on.

With a bit of a wiggle round Leyton Rod managed to get back to The George with bang on six miles on the watch - average pace 6:54. Way, way too slow given its two seconds slower than target half-marathon pace. Let's hope it's not so windy next Sunday.

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  1. 0.38km short of 10km too. Make sure you whip Ken next week at Berko.