Sunday, 13 December 2009

Sunday Few

Niall had a sick note while David and Simon were doing the Bedford Half (did think about it but race was full by the time I got round to actually doing anything). So that left it to Kenny, Tony and me to maintain the fine tradition of Harpenden middle of the night running.

I suggested 10 to 12 miles at 8 minute mile pace. Kenny countered with 10 miles at undisclosed (put presumably slower) pace. In the end we compromised on a run that turned out to be 10.7 miles at 8:11 pace.

Bumped into Kenny getting some sneaky extra miles in while I was on my sneaky three-mile prologue. His opening comment was "you're running too fast". And this from the man that beat me by some considerable distance at the Herts 10K.

Anyway, got to the meeting point bang on time. Kenny was nowhere to be seen (and we were hardly going to miss him in that yellow top) so spent a few minutes comparing ASBOs with Tony. Finally Mr 1,000 miles, or should I say Mr zone 5 judging by his state, turned up, lame excuse and all.

Today's route was a reasonably standard Childwickbury/Beesonend Lane loop with bit of an extra squiggle at the start. We made a point of stopping at the sticky seed balls tree and relaying to Tony in great detail how Niall made such a twonk of himself by running into the tree with those immortal words "this way boys!".

Next week we'll be returning to the start of Herts 10K in Rothamsted Park so Kenny can demonstrate his 2 mile reps crouch start position. I can hardly wait.

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