Thursday, 10 December 2009

Long and Short Repeats

New Rockets session for me today: ten minutes effort, three minutes recovery, turn. Four repeats of one minute effort with one minute recovery followed by four repeats of thirty seconds effort with thirty seconds recovery back. Given my rubbish short term memory I was thankful Martin was there to keep track.

The run out was hard. If it hadn't been for fellow group C comrades Richard and Martin I'm sure I would have jacked early. However, I stuck it out. Martin caught Sarah with a minute to go and finished about five metres ahead of me.

The first minute rep on the way back was a completed shock to the system. Luckily Richard was on the ball and set a ripping pace. My step counting technique on the thirty second efforts (87 if you're interested) working well - so much easier than trying to count the seconds.

Generally pleased with the session - although not enough to warrant a chocolate bar.

1 comment:

  1. Well done, I've done one of those ages ago and it is tough. I drank my cholate milk today, even though I did not run.