Friday, 11 December 2009

Don't Go Back To Stratford

Nine mile 'Kenny' run to Stratford & back (don't ask).

Didn't get lost. Didn't get mugged. Didn't get wet. Got most of the things I went for.

Four things you probably didn't know about Stratford:
  1. The name "Stratford" derives from the Old English word for "street" combined with "ford" (a river crossing).
  2. Stratford City is a multi-billion pound scheme to regenerate the 73-hectare brownfield railway lands to the north of the town centre. There will be a vast shopping centre similar in size to Bluewater, for which John Lewis, Waitrose and Marks and Spencer have already committed to provide anchor stores.
  3. The promotional film for the Beatles' 'Penny Lane' single was filmed in and around Angel Lane, Stratford.
  4. Labour Party politician Tony Banks is from Stratford.

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