Tuesday, 8 December 2009

OK Intervals

After another high mileage week, cumulating with Sunday's race, I anticipated not being up to much as today's Rockets. So when the call of eight three-minute repeats filtered back to Division C (Richard, Martin and me) I set my expectations to complete just six. Steve was also with us on the way out doing his usual trick of speeding up during the recoveries to catch and get a lead on us before the next effort.

Martin was by his own admission "knackered" and with Richard still recovering from a Sunday 10 mile off-road mud fest (sounds familiar), it turned out I was more than able to keep up with the group. In the end I ran all eight intervals and didn't embarrass myself tailing off the back too much.

After the second rep Martin, keen we regrouped during the recovery, said something about giving Steve a chance (to catch up). However, it sounded to me more like "giving peace a chance" which set John & Yoko going round my head for the next three minutes.

Keeping up with the C pack meant I managed to get a bit further than usual on the way out. So despite having registered their excuses we couldn't have been going all that slowly.

On the way back Richard ran strongly to the front (could not cycling in today have helped? - I think so) with Martin starting well but fading slightly mid way. I ran steady which meant a gap opening in the first minute that I was able to close over the final minute.

So overall quite pleased with today. No chocolate treat this afternoon though - saving myself for the minced pie and custard waiting at home.

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