Friday, 25 December 2009

Merry Christmas

Never mind "Yo Ho Ho" today was more "whoops mind how you go".

With Harpenden pavements still like an ice rink the plan was to stick off-road again. Problem was the snow on the footpaths had been compacted down to solid ice while the less used footpaths were little more than a mud slick hidden under a deceptive thin layer of snow.

To give some idea of how treacherous conditions were my split for my first three miles were 10:15, 10:58 and 12:09. That third mile was a complete nightmare featuring a slippy uphill and downhill plus a snowdrift on the only flat section.

After soul-destroying mile three I gave up on the off-road and decided to take my chances with the tarmac. This was a good move as I was able to increase my mile times to nearer nine minutes but it was still hard going with a couple of close calls thanks to the ever present ice.

Maybe next Christmas I'll give the run a miss and stick to the safety of the sofa.

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