Wednesday, 2 December 2009

If Anyone Asks - You Haven't Seen Me!

Official sources are remaining tight lipped, refusing to neither confirm nor deny reports that a number of category C/C+ Rockets ventured out to Victoria Park and back at lunchtime today.

Rumours started circling the city following the unconfirmed sighting of three Hertfordshire based runners in the Chiswell Street/Bunhill Row area. The following descriptions have now been issued regarded three middle aged men that officials would like to eliminate from their enquires. The first is tall with unusually well tanned legs. The second was also tall, spoke with a foreign accent and seemed particularly agitated. The third was short, had a fancy dress hat and appeared to be carrying hub caps.

The public should not try to apprehend these individuals as they appear to have been undergoing extreme self-inflicted torture training and anyway they wouldn't be able to catch them.