Thursday, 30 July 2009

Thursday Tempo(ish)

With the training emphasis moved firmly away from speed to endurance joining the Rocket’s for fun with intervals was out of the question. So instead went for a five-mile Green Park tempo. Well, when I say tempo there was tempo effort going in but only mid-tempo (if that) speed coming out. And yet again the wind was against me on the way out and thankfully behind me all the way home. Ran mainly at 7-minute mile pace but with having to slow down to cross roads and get past pedestrian blockages the average was a tad slower.

Started off from the gym in glorious sunshine, however, it quickly deteriorated and spent most of the tempo running through a grey drizzle. Went round Green Park the wrong way (i.e. clockwise) which seemed (and probably is) easier. On the way back picked up a free can of Orangina (with real orange pieces!) from some nice people outside St. Paul’s which made up for getting wet.

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