Sunday, 5 July 2009

Solo Sunday Plod

All on my lonesome today: Niall managed to get injured cross training (ho-hum) and David fancied doing some proper mileage (22 miles at sub 7:30 pace no less). So left to my own devices the good intentions of doing a semi-decent distance quickly evaporated and I ended doing a decidedly local off-road trip down to Wheathampstead and back.

It was quite warm but overcast and nowhere near the temperatures of the last couple of weeks. So you’d think I’d have been able to run a fair bit quicker than 8:30 pace. However, running so slowly gives you plenty of time to think and it was on the slow trudge uphill between the three and four mile marks that I had the eureka moment. After running I always do a few minutes stretching – you know the usual thing: hamstrings, quads and calfs. But I never stretch after my Saturday cycle rides – could this be why my muscles regularly feel so tight on Sunday mornings? Well it sounds like a fine theory to me that I intend to test next week.

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