Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Tuesday Rocket's

Another Tuesday, another Rocket's session. Rolled up to the meeting point to find Chris already there and accompanied by his buddy Jozef (he's "quite good" - apparently).

Up at the canal there was some muttering and a few sharp intakes of breath from the back bunch when it was announced the session would be six reps of four 4 minutes with 90 seconds recovery. And they're off. With tired legs (rest days seem to have been replaced with spin/cycling) I had no hope or intention of keeping up. Took it steady/hard out to the turn, which given the length of the reps was down to Victoria Park. Joined up with Chris and Jozef for the back three. Jozef was wasted having gone out too fast (maybe not that good after all) so just Elbows and me. Elites caught us towards the end of rep five which was slightly disappointing. Chris kicked at the end of rep six - I didn't bother.

Jozef "won" the warm down back to the gym - yeah like anyone cares.

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