Thursday, 23 July 2009

Mid-Week Mid-Tempo

Had originally planned for this to be a recovery run. However, by yesterday afternoon decided a mid-tempo would be more fitting. Chris had stated his intention to come but instead came up with a barrage of weak excuses (too busy, meeting at 1pm, didn't like the look of the weather, blah, blah, blah). If I didn't know better I'd say he was put off by the e-mails warning of only cold showers in the gym - nesh or what?

So it was just hard men Guy and me that ventured out. Over to the Wapping steps for the usual debate on what to do. Quick decision was reached to do a 25 minute tempo run - as far as you like in 12.5 minutes, just make sure you can get back again before the big hand gets round to the five. Ran out at 7-minute mile pace which was fine. However paid the price on the way back where 7-minute mile pace was a real struggle thanks to the strong headwind (funny how I hadn't noticed the tail-wind on the way out!). Guy was distracted by the opening of the Limehouse Basin swing bridge and so didn't turn round on time. He then stopped for a chat mid-way back and so managed to turn his tempo into three reps.

I just about made it back to the steps in the allotted time, clocking my 3.58 miles bang on target pace.

Oh yes, the gym's boiler was patched up while we were out so showers were fine.

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