Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Intervals Atrocious

Last week while waiting for the Grand Depart from the Lockett’s Rockets meeting point I was doing my best to keep out of the sun; today it was the rain. However, despite the miserable weather a healthy crowd turned up for their usual Tuesday lunchtime treat. I, on the other hand, turned up for some more humiliation and was duly not left disappointed.

The runners I had been able to keep up with on the shorter intervals a few weeks ago simply left me for dead on today’s three minute reps. I didn’t think I was running that badly, however, by the third rep I’d lost touch with the back of the ‘slow’ group and from then on was running in free air. Martin was there but, saving himself for Wednesday's Corporate Challenge, turned back after two reps. I can kid myself I might have just keep in touch had he run all six but I doubt it.

Got back to the office thoroughly demoralised and wondering just what I need to do to raise my game. Drinking lots of chocolate milkshake might help and even if doesn't at least it tastes good.

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