Thursday, 2 July 2009

Humble Pie

The Wapping canal path was closed again today which made intervals a touch trickier. Now I didn’t technically get lost as such, however, despite Dave barking instructions from the rear I still managed to take the wrong turning (on more than one occasion). So I’ll take just a small portion of humble pie thanks. But hey, at least I didn’t end up on The Highway.

Just the four of us turned out for Dave’s last ever lunchtime training session which I think speaks volumes about his popularity. I suggested longer reps so we went for four sets of five minutes with a two of minutes’ recovery. It was scorching hot again and the five minutes seemed to last a lifetime. Not having similar ability runners for company made pacing difficult and as is par for the course the first rep was run too fast and the remainder too slow.

Dave took great pleasure accusing me of being unethical for loosing losing track of time on the final rep and stopping a minute early. I fear my end of term report will be of the “could try harder” variety. Please Sir, let me off: the dog ate my running watch etc, etc.

1 comment:

  1. I'll let you off the unethical intervals, since you have 'fessed up (that was what I meant by ethical blogging!). However, you are losing it (note: not 'loosing it') on the spelling front.