Sunday, 12 July 2009

Easy (Like) Sunday Morning

Despite the horrendous weather forecast Sunday morning broke merely overcast. The light drizzle cleared by 7:30 for the start Harpenden Running Force's Regular Sunday Run (HRFRSR).

Dave was recovering from his stellar performance in the Three Spires Challenge 13 the previous day so it was just me and Niall. The lesser spotted Kenny was missing having dutifully supplied a lame excuse.

Unconfirmed rumours circling the club claim Kenny has actually eloped to an elite training camp high in the Kenyan mountains. Here he is subject to a strict diet of ugali and twice daily training sessions. His contact with the outside works is via a battered Nokia 3220 only capable of sending text messages to Niall. These texts are screened by his captors trainer, while incoming texts and all voice calls are barred. Of course he could just be relaxing on a beach on holiday, I guess we’ll find out next time he rolls up for a HRFRSR.

Anyway, conspiracy theories aside, Niall was still recovering from his dodgy foot so short and easy was the order of the day. But being a HRFRSR we still included the now almost mandatory new footpath, field with of long wet grass to soak our feet and a path through a field of wheat. The only thing really missing (other than Kenny) was Dave's "so where are we now?" as we turn into Harpenden High Street.

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