Sunday, 19 July 2009

Once Round The Block

With a belly full of beer from Saturday night an early Sunday morning start was never on the cards. In fact it wasn’t until just after midday and multiple infusions of coffee that I finally managed to drag myself over the doorstep.

Walking up the road muscles felt as stiff as the Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz and my knee was aching thanks to multiple falls while out on the MTB yesterday (doh!). Headed over to the Nicky line "Poli, Poli", as our Kenyan friends would say, with thoughts of doing a five mile loop round the back of Rothamsted Park. However, legs eased up after a mile and churning out eight-minute miles felt comfortable.

Just after turning left off the Nicky Line diverted through Knott Wood thereby fulfilling the contractual requirement to include at least one new path. A quick rain shower later and I reached the top of Rothamsted Park. Felt fine so decided to push on extending the loop round to West Common with a view to spending an hour on the feet. The GPS did well to keep track through West Common woods but surprisingly had problems with the railway bridge on Southdown Road. Back to Harpenden for a quick comfort break and then up Station Road detouring round Elliswick Road to ensure the trip meter ticked over to eight miles.

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