Thursday, 9 July 2009

More Of The Same

The day after the Corporate Challenge so not many Rocket’s out. On reaching the canal muster point we had eight of which two went off to do their own thing (one tempo one recovery). Session was a repeat of Tuesday i.e. six reps, each 3 minutes with a minute recovery plus an extra minute recovery at the half way point. Rather surprisingly of the six runners only two were elite so for once the rear guard were in the majority. The first rep was run at a palatable six minute mile pace, however, subsequent reps were run a little quicker, not much, but enough. Hence a similar pattern to Tuesday emerged: kept-up on first two reps, lost touch, but not by much, on the third, OK on fourth, blew up on fifth, tempo pace home on sixth.

I might have come last again but enjoyed it more than Tuesday. Realistically six minute mile pace is all I can hold on this session; if I go quicker on the first few reps I'll pay the price later.

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