Sunday, 2 August 2009

Batch Wood & Heartwood Forest

For this week's Sunday long I decide to revisit Heartwood Forest. And while one day it may well indeed grow into a mighty forest, today it comprises but three small woods.

In order to keep the tree count high and to avoid short changing myself with an under-mileage run I added a loop through Childwickbury and Batch Wood before crossing the A1081 and heading for the afore mentioned 'forest'.

First on the menu was Langley Wood: the one with well-defined paths and so easiest on the feet. Next it was Pudler's Wood, which has a single path running through and plenty of nettles. Finally there was Well Wood, which is an overgrown no-go zone. However, thanks to the new gates I was at least able to get my feet wet running on the grass around the perimeter.

At 11.5 miles this was one of my longer runs of our so-called summer. Given all the extra cycling of late it was pleasing to see I can still bash out a respectable mileage when the fancy takes.

1 comment:

  1. Looks like a good run. You know you could have gone right through Puddlers Wood into the next one and out the other side. Technically, it is the fourth ancient woodland on the site.