Thursday, 13 August 2009

Thursday Tempo

I had been thinking about doing intervals today. However, Chris was keen on a tempo and I was happy to tag-along. Convinced I'd get dropped I argued for Thames over Wapping as I'd feel more motivated to keep going if there were interesting things to look at! Bit of a feeble argument I know, but it worked.

So Chris, Jozef and I headed over to the south side of the Wobbly for a 4-mile dash down to MI5 (shh top secret) and back. Chris led the way through the throng of tourists while I followed close behind. Pace wasn't too blistering - probably because Chris's super strength was being drained by the effort of navigating a stop-start, left-right safe passage through the mass of 'London in a day' tourists. The stretch between Westminster Bridge and MI5 was reasonably clear and I expected Chris to accelerate away. However, he kept the pace at around 6:55 so I had no problem keeping up.

On the return leg we decided to avoid the worst of the Aquarium/London Eye crowds by going round the back of Country Hall. A bit of luck on my part crossing the road gave me a few metres lead on Chris for the first time on the run. Chris caught me after a few minutes rather than the usual few seconds. I'd already figured he wasn't on top form and feeling OK I pressed on hard for the finish. Chris was toast as was Jozef. An easy and unexpected victory in the end. And all because I was less slow than the others!

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