Sunday, 6 September 2009

I'm Back...

After three weeks radio silence I'm back!

First two weeks were spent mountain biking and learning to sail/capsize dinghies with Neilson in Greece while last week I did a handful of easy 5-milers to get the legs back into the swing of things.

In my absence Harpenden Running Fource Four has grown into Running Fource Five with the addition of SES: Super Elite Simon. This guy is just too fast for his own good but luckily is tapering for next Sunday's Robin Hood Marathon (anything sub three hours will suffice!) and so joined Niall, Kenny and me for our 7am wakey, wakey run. Niall had to be back by 8 so we decided on a quick circuit down to Heartwood and back. As summer turns to autumn the nettles seem to be dieing out, so no stings to report, and rather unusually my feet stayed dry for the whole run. We did, however, manage to include a new footpath round the side of Pudler's Wood so all was not lost. The run wasn't long enough for the all new and improved Kenny (talking all the way up Crabtree Lane no less) or maybe he was finding the pace was a touch too slow. Either way he stayed on Ayres End Land when we turned off left heading for the woods.

Just for the record here are the mountain bike routes from the holiday (Spetes and Kosta and a Caravan were done in both the first and second weeks).

And a couple of on-road rides (be sure to check the elavation profile of the last ride - higher than Snowdon!):

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