Sunday, 13 September 2009

Sunday Three

This morning we had Running Fource Bloggers Three: Fit Scottish Bloke, Another Scottish Bloke and little old me.

A spot of advanced mis-information from club captain Niall set our expectations for a long 8:24 pace run. Which is pretty much what we did - except we covered the ground a lot quicker (first mile in 7:26) and only ran 9 miles (did I really say only?).

We also displayed an interesting range of running attire. Being a wimp, I opted for my favourite daygo yellow long sleeved dri-fit top. Niall went for sunglasses and short sleeves while hard as nails Kenny wore but a running vest. Shorts were worn by all, however, venturing further down threw up further differences. While Mr 160 BPM and I were happy to fashion conventional ankle cover Niall decided to push the boundaries of public decency wearing his finest High School (Musical?), high performance white knee-length compression socks. Now while Niall might (and I hasten to emphasise might) have looked like a bit of a plonker he did have science on his side. These socks are possibly the greatest thing since split side shorts: excellent for reducing the build up of lactic acid, accelerating blood circulation and preventing muscle oscillation, the socks also minimise muscle fatigue and soreness, enabling faster muscle recovery after training competing, or injury. Phew - someone's marketing department has been working overtime.

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