Thursday, 17 September 2009

Back With The Rockets

After an eight-week absence I finally made my triumphant return to Lockett's Rockets. I guess they weren't expecting me, as the bunting was nowhere to be seen. Maybe Niall (also nowhere to be seen) had it.

The session was apparently a Thursday classic: 12 reps of 75 seconds with 45 seconds recovery. At first the timings sounded a bit complex - until I realised 75 + 45 = 120 seconds - duh!

Steve Scrutton was there but is clearly still well below par, as I had no problem keeping up with him and towards the end of the first six reps was actually running quicker. On the way back I managed to more or less keep up with Karen's group of three which felt good. OK I had taken it far easier on the way out but that's not what the elite guys saw when they came flying past on the last couple of reps.

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