Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Very Easy Westminster Loop

I accidentally deleted a file I really needed this morning and naturally, being an IT professional, didn't have a backup. I was so annoyed I gave serious consideration to joining Lockett's Rocket's for some hard lunchtime running.

I didn't because after the exertions of the previous few days, and despite a rest day, I was still exhausted. Instead I did an easy plod to Westminster and back. Starting pace was 9 minutes per mile pace and I didn't really get much quicker.

Coming back along the Southbank I caught someone running even slower. Rather amusingly as I drew close he started glancing over his shoulder and sped up. But he couldn't maintain this killer pace and so within a few minutes I was back on his shoulder (by now doing 8:30 minute miles). Again lots of glances over the shoulder and then a sudden and short-lived burst of speed. It was hilarious - I mean the guy was running even slower than Kenny but was still determined not to let me pass. Oh well - I guess it made him feel good and it certainly brought a smile to my face. Oh happy days.

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