Tuesday, 29 September 2009

4 minute reps for all

Doing 4 minute reps I usually go for 4 sets with 2 minutes recovery. So the prospect of 6 sets with 90 seconds recovery was a tad daunting.

Luckily Captain Niall was there to skipper a sustainable pace and keep us off the rocks (or more to the point out of the canal). But there was to be no lazing in the glorious midday sun as the Commodore gradually increased his pace during each 4 minute effort. Set 5 was a killer when we were overtaken by a semi-elite with a minute to go and the Admiral decided to ratch up the speed a notch (or 2, or 3) to keep up.

The final rep wasn't what I was expecting. Karen and co caught and overtook shortly after the start. I upped my pace and tailed the group for maybe a minute or so. However, the Admiral of the Fleet hadn't followed and I soon found myself becalmed in clear water. As I couldn't keep up with the faster runners I eased off slightly and waited for the trailing fleet to catch up. But they didn't. So when I was overtaken by an elite with 45 seconds to go there was nothing for it but to hoist the main spinnaker and leg it.

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