Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Wet Tuesday

On the walk over to the gym it had only been spitting. However, by the time I emerged in running kit it was lashing it down. No time for second thoughts and I was off to the Rocket's meeting point on Chiswell Street. A large group of runners were already there by the time I arrived, although none of the usual C team.

Up at the canal we were joined by George (and not Garry as blogged last week - v sorry) and were just about to leave when Martin was spotted running over the bridge so we waited. Although out of breath from his warm-up sprint Martin was clearly disappointed that having gone to the special effort of wearing his orange racing flats Niall was nowhere to be seen.

As Martin later put it today's session was "rock hard" and I'm not one to disagree: five minutes on, 30 seconds recovery, one minute on, 90 seconds recovery. Phew that will be four repeats then wont it?

The usual puddles on the tow path had developed into lakes so any thoughts about keeping feet dry were quickly discarded. The Aqua Splash intervals weren't too bad. George switched to a tempo run at the turn point and I managed to keep close to Martin on the first three repeats. However, when Karen overtook two minutes into the final five minute effort and Martin tucked in behind I was toast. On the final one minute run Martin was on fire and disappeared so far into the distance I'm unable to say if he finished ahead or behind Karen (I suspect ahead).

The rain had stopped by the time we got back to the canal start point and with George not following through with his threat to push me into the canal I finished the day tired but relatively dry.

Back in the office, with no chocolate milk, I opted for a Kit Kat from the vending machine.

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