Sunday, 22 November 2009

Sherrardspark Wood or Bust

Is 6:50 too early for a Sunday run? Apparently not.

The other three were already ready waiting for me when I rolled up at 6:49:59. The overnight rain (hard enough to wake me up) had subsided but everywhere was wet, wet, wet.

Niall had forewarned us by text that we wouldn't be turning back until the A1M had been crossed and with that in mind, and the fact it was still dark, we took the direct route to the Ayott Greenway via the Lower Luton Road. Kenny was wearing his 'lets have a rave' yellow gloves and those strange running socks only those with no shame would dream of wearing in public.

It was about five an a half miles to the bridge over the motorway and the start of Sherrardspark Wood. Once in, the path soon started to descend and that's when the skipping started. Niall started it and being easily led I was quick to join in on the downhill sections. The technique didn't work too well when the path tuned into a bog: Kenny ran into a bush and David turned the air blue thanking Niall for his great route choice. It was quite a relief when we picked up Rectory Road which brought us back nicely to the bridge over the A1M.

Return trip took us across the delightful Brocket Hall golf course and along the Upper Lea Valley Through Walk to Wheathampstead. The pace throughout was quite slow which meant it took us over two hours to cover the 14 odd miles - the longest time I've spent on my feet on a single run since 2005!

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