Friday, 13 November 2009

Still Raining

Yet another dreary wet day. Great for ducks. Rubbish for runners.

Niall wanted to go somewhere new so I decided west east was best. Met Niall and Andrew on London Wall and took them on the usual route down to Narrow Street via Tower Hill, St Katharine Docks, Wapping canals and Shadwell Basin. The guys were suitable impressed with the traffic free route although when Andrew turned back at the swing bridge on Narrow Street I was somewhat concerned if he'd find his way back on his own.

Not as concerned, of course, as when about ten minutes later Niall said his breathing wasn't feeling that good. No problem. Having been on a first aid course only last week I know in the event of an asthma attack all I need do is pass the casualty their reliever inhaler.
"So where is it Niall?"
"Hmm, back in the office."
"OK - have you got your mobile in case I need to call an ambulance?"
"Loose change in the unlikely event I find a phone box?"
"Last Will and Testimony?"

On the way back, despite taking the scenic route round the Thames side of The Tower hotel, we caught up with Andrew crossing Tower Hill. He should have taken the underpass but got a tad loss on his way through St Katharine Docks.

A mile later we were back on London Wall saying our goodbyes. At some point during the run it had stopped raining, however, we'd all been too wet to notice.

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