Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Tuesday Reps

Niall might have finished Sundays run as "fresh as a daisy", however, I was somewhat more tired. At 34 miles, last week was a relatively high mileage week for me (21 and 24 miles the previous couple of weeks) and despite doing nowt yesterday my legs were feeling somewhat drained this morning.

However, I still headed out for lunchtime intervals with the Rockets knowing I could always duck out after the first rep if I really wasn't up to it. As it happens, with a big cross-country race tomorrow, there were only 10 out and no C runners at that. Which worked out OK as I was able to run at my own pace without feeling the need to push to keep up with a group.

The session was 6 repeats of 4 minutes with the standard 90 seconds recovery and with the wind behind us on the way out I was sure to keep something in reserve for the return journey. Was caught by the B's at the end of rep 5 and sneakily drafted in behind them for the final four minutes effort. I do hope the two elites that overtook on that final rep didn't think I'd run the whole session with the B's - that would be a terrible misrepresentation!

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