Tuesday, 10 November 2009

A, B, Me

As usual the rocket's split into three groups for today's intervals: A, B and little old me (C). There were a few B minus runners dropping back during the three minute efforts only to rejoin the main body of B during the one minute recoveries.

On the first rep after the turn who did I meet running towards me but the main man: half-effort Woods. Martin was just crossing the bridge when we started our first rep and despite a tempo effort along the towpath was unable to catch up.

Rather disappointingly the main body of group B caught us two minutes into rep six, however, Martin and I managed to hold them behind. Repeat seven was a big effort as I managed to keep with the B's for the full three minutes. On the final rep was happy to run at my own pace while the others pulled away. Only a couple of elites got past me which was OK and it was pleasing to see I was still running at 5K pace through to the end.

Opted for Chocolate digestives today - not least because Mehram, who sits next to me in the office, was dishing them out for free - nice!

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