Thursday, 19 November 2009

Intervals with Chris

Plan had been for a tempo run today. However, a late morning email from Chris changed all that and after a bit of discussion we ended up agreeing on short duration intervals.

The arrangement was to leave the gym at 12:20. However, as I was waiting for him in the foyer at the appointed hour he came rushing through the entrance in distinctly none racing gear with some excuses about being busy/late/useless. Rather than hang round for another five minutes I headed out and took the scenic route down to the traditional intervals starting point at the bottom of the steps on Spirit Quay. The session we finally decided on was two minutes effort with a luxurious full minute recovery. I wasn't too fussed about killing myself so we only did eight reps which still took us half-way along Narrow Street.

When in form Chris he easily drops me, however, he clearly isn't and so didn't. In fact I think I finished ahead on most reps and only got left behind on the final rep which he had obviously been saving himself for.

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