Sunday, 8 November 2009

Muddy Six

With three fifths of Running Force entered into the Grand Union Canal Half-Marathon it was left to just Simon and me to venture out for an early morning drenching.

The plan was to follow the route Simon had run last Sunday with his Ultra/Allotment friend John. So all Star Trekked up with gpx file loaded into Simon's watch we ventured off into the rain. Clearly John is not a fan of tarmac as we spent a good 95% of the time on trails. However, with so much rain in the last week the footpaths seemed more suitable for bog snorkelling than running.

At some point during the run it must have stopped raining. Maybe it was around the time I realised I hadn't started my watch duh!

So we made it back, I guess after about 50 minutes, a bit wetter and muddier than when started but radiating smugness for venturing out and conquering everything that had been thrown at us. Priceless.

Hmm, I wonder how the boys did in their race?

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