Friday, 20 November 2009

The Spanish Inquisition

Plan: Five miles very easy.
Actual: Nine miles mid tempo.

There's a trend developing here:
Weekend prior to run - plan runs for the week ahead.
Evening prior to run - gather kit appropriate for following days run.
Morning of run - receive e-mail, complete change of plan.

So for the second day running I abandoned my painstakingly crafted training schedule for the greater good (or more to the point for the chance of a good chat). Niall wanted to do the full Limehouse Basin - Regents Canal loop and had to be back for a 1:30 meeting. I was happy to tag along but had to be back for a 1pm call.

Martin was also up for the run and thinking we would head straight east to St Katherine Docks I suggested they meet me at the Honour God arch on London Wall. Both duly turned up on time, however, Martin was keen to lead and took us west towards Bank and then down to the Thames, joining the riverside footpath by Cannons gym . Now I'm not one to knock other peoples choice of route but lets just say I'll be sticking to my tried and trusted direct east route.

Conversation quickly turned to Wednesday's cross-country race where my absence had been noted and then why I hadn't been at Rockets yesterday. Hey guys I came out for a run I wasn't expecting The Spanish Inquisition Having survived my interrogation we were able to move onto the main business of the day and full clarification of the difference between a B and a B minus Rocket (if you have to ask then you're probably B minus).

In no time at all we were joining the Regents Canal tow path by the time we got to Victoria Park it felt like we were nearly home. I was given the honour of leading for a while which allowed me to drop the pace by 10 seconds per mile. Niall noticed immediately and moved up to my shoulder to make sure I didn't take any more liberties.

The pace stayed healthy all the way back to London Wall where I said my goodbyes and headed for the gym. A quick shower and a brisk walk back to the office got me to my desk at 13:04 - just the call was about to start. Phew - that was close!

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