Sunday, 29 November 2009

Easy Sunday

Saturday evening was spent consuming lashings of London Pride and it was well into the early hours before I made it to bed. So the chances of making it to the start at 7 am for a 10 miler this morning was about zero. I was, however, vaguely awake at 7 am - I mean how anyone could sleep through the racket made by that torrential rain beats me.

Instead I headed out just after midday with the best intentions in the world to get a good length run in. But the moment the cold win hit my face a killer hangover headache kicked in. Pretty soon the rest of my body had joined in the rebellion - I was in pieces.

1,000 mile Kenny saw me at the top of Station Road and pulled over for a quick chat. Turns out this morning's 10 milers was actually a "Niall 10 miler" i.e. 15 miles. It sounded like it was a quite a slog - I look forward to reading the blogs.

Anyway I managed a 4 mile loop down to Rothamsted Park and Hatching Green before total system shutdown. One positive though - I must have been out as just about the only time during the day it wasn't raining - Fortuna audax iuvat!

1 comment:

  1. can't believe you dodged the shower that hit town around 1pm! I was certain you were hiding under a tree somewhere.